Jacob / John Coppel

 Was looking at the Hymanson drawing Dave has done, Henry Jacobs (John/Jacob/Coppel) son was living at 271/2 Duke street as a butcher on the 1851 census.

Henry married Rebecca Isaacs in November 1841, according to Jewish Gen he was at least there in Duke street  in 1846.  

Now……theory time. And can someone check this through…..Phil? 

On the GS Marriages there is a Ezra Jacobs (from a private member – same note as Henry above) married 1832 father Jacob Coppel, marries a Fanny Simons.  
In 1841 Ezra is with his wife Wentworth street, near Petticoat lane as a butcher, 1 son David born approx 1832/33. 
By the 1849 Jewish Gen he is living at 102 Middlesex Street Butcher, wait for it……….there is a Jacob Jacobs butcher 1840 101 Middlesex Street (Pigot) and a John Jacobs butcher 1836 (PIGOTS) 102 Petticoat Lane.
Now John/Jacob/Coppel is on the 1841 census living at Petticoat lane as a butcher (with wife Phillis and son Henry).
So who is the Jacob Jacobs living at 101 Middlesex street?
Did Jacob/John own both one using his given name and passed the tenancy to his son Ezra (101-102 Middlesex Street)
By the way at 1 Duke Street in  1823 and 1835 was a H Jacobs, grocer. 
There are also 2 I assume brothers marrying 2 sisters in 1835, Isaac Henry and Lewis Jacobs father Jacob, may just try and trace through.  [Debbie Bozkurt]

I have just found Ezra Jacobs again in 1881 as a Butcher in 8 Bell Lane and one of his daughters is called Phillis and one son John……surely they are not too many Phillis!.
And found him in 1851 called something beginning with E as licenced butcher 102 petticoat lane same address as his parents were operating out off.
We must have found another son of John/Jacob Jacob[Debbie Bozkurt]Dave sent me off after receiving his email on Hyamson, with Phil’s help I think we may have found at least 3 children of Jacob/John Jacobs.

 I will try and lay this email out carefully and factually.  
1. We know that Jacob Jacobs married Phillis in 1795 (GMS 024/4).
     In the 1841 they lived in Petticoat Lane with son Henry and his wife or future wife Rebecca.
     Phillis Jacobs died according to Hyamson 29.9.1844 Petticoat Lane this ties up with Death Index Phillis Jacobs Q3 1844 Whitechapel.
     Jacob Jacobs also appears to now use the angelised version of his name John on the census.

2. Looking at Directories at the time Pigot’s, 1836 there is a John Jacob’s butcher 102 Petticoat Lane. 

3. By then going to the GSM marriages we can note there are 3 children married with the father as either Jacob Coppel or Jacob, private member or the spouse’s are described as from Private Member. Both Philip and Henry were private members of the GS, though Henry moved to the NS.  

4. The three children are Henry Jacob GSMa 007/10 1841 married to Rebecca Isaacs. Henry was a butcher who in 1851 lived at 271/2 Duke Street according to census with his then widowed father. Hyamson has an offspring living at 271/2 Duke Street. I have done a lot of research on this line already.  

5. The second child is an Ezra Jacobs who married in 1832 and 1840, GSM 282/35 and GSM 355/73, this would tie up with his children. In the 1841 census he had only 1 child David age 9, but by the 1851 census with his second wife Nancy he had 7 more children. The census address was 102 Petticoat Lane, he was described as a master Butcher same address as his possible father was at in 1836 and in 1841 (census does not have numbers). The Hyamson describes one off-spring as same address. By 1861 Ezra had 8 children, note one daughter was Phillis Jacobs (not many Phillis not to be a coincidence.) born around the time of the original Phillis death.  

6. The 3rd offspring is a daughter Jane married in 1830 to Lewis Pesman later known as Lewis Pesman Capua, GSM 267/30. Lewis took over his grandfathers surname and business in 1840 when he died. He was an fruit and orange merchant in 1841 working from 3 St James Place, Dukes Place (with the worse spelling on a Transcription I have ever seen, Lewis Capua is written Susan Casper…….needed good detective work to find). Now what I don’t know is if Jane is the 3rd offspring on Hyamson or he only recorded boys. I can not see any other offspring with the father Jacob/Jacob Coppel private member. I will do some quick research on other butchers. Please also note I have been in contact with the ggg daughter of Lewis who says Jane nee Jacobs moved to Australia when her husband died.  

7. Both Henry and Ezra were in the debtors prison in 1861 according to London Gazette, Lewis Capua was in debtors prison in 1851 as per census. In 1851 Lewis family lived at 35 Duke Street.  

8. There is another address for Ezra Jacobs butcher 102 Middlesex Street, butcher according to the Directories and the London Gazette, see the note below which has come from the Victorian Street Website, Middlesex Street and Petticoat Lane was the same.

Middlesex Street - see Petticoat Lane, WHITECHAPEL , 
Petticoat Lane or Middlesex Street, WHITECHAPEL
9. I have yet to work out what the dates mean, it could be children's birth perhaps as they don't have a d in front of the date. 
Also the address 1 Duke Street on the third off-spring confuses me.
Which is why I wondered if Hyamson only recorded boy offspring. The only person I could find at 1 Dukes Place not Street is a H Jacobs grocer in the late 1820s and 1830s. 

As we know Hyamson was not always right, he got Henry and David muddled up and therefore I think we can only take it as a guide. 
Hyamson got the information by word of mouth rather than by original
Any thoughts, I am 100% sure Henry is right, over 90% sure about Ezra and waiving about 60% on Jane 
what do you all think?[Debbie Bozkurt]