Leo Letson

 Was looking through the NSM and found this, had anyone else spotted this, my hebrew is no good so I guess it says Jacob son of Leo Letson (I think) marries possibly Frances daughter of ???? glad to be corrected as I only googled it.
Original below:
NSM 083         1795    Jacob b. Ari Leib Letson married Frumat bat Baruch Halevi [Divorcee][Debbie Bozkurt] 

Debs, I looked on Ancestry for 1841 and no one with names remotely like these is listed. 
Doesn’t mean much except that we can’t use that source for further tracking. 
We could look at NSB after 1795.
[Carol Freeman]

(NSM – New Synagogue Marriages. NSB- New Synagogue Burials]