Julius Susman

 I am researching at the moment the SUSMAN family, headed by Julius SUSMAN an auctioneer who lived at 368 Cold Harbour Lane, Brixton, London as an Auctioneer from about 1891 to his death in 1937.

I worked in Brixton and Cold Harbour Lane had quite a reputation, Julius also had a shop in Railton Rd and I walked past that for 18 months on the way to work.

Sorry, Julius married Jane Jacobs and went on to have a number of children.
When he died the JC stated Australian papers
I then found, I think, one of his sons Adolph Alfred Susman
 went to Australia in 1911.
There are no other Adolph Susman around
 that time so although the list has no age I can assume its him, and I can not find him in England.
The ship he sailed on was the Orvieto and
 arrived in Brisbane 04/07/1911.  
I then found a Adolph Alfred Susman on an Australian voting list 1916
 with a Bertha Susman – was single at time of living England, so i guess he married in Australia.
He now is in Perth. After spending ages
 looking up maps to find out what states everywhere is, then trying to find the relevant states BMD I have got no where.  

Has anyone got an easy method of tracing marriages or deaths in Australia.
He must have been there in 1937. I have tried googling and
 got nothing.
There is prob. some great sites that I haven’t found as I
 am a complete novice in trying to look at Australian genealogy[Debbie Bozkurt]