Joseph Jacobs


I have been following the e mails on British Jewry- just to keep various points in mind.
I have no way of knowing if there are links between the
 Joseph line and that of Dr Anthony Joseph who has distant links to the Crawcour lines and Pat Coppel. 
Just worth remembering- also I cannot remember all the Joseph names but
 my Benjamin Hart line is related to Lord Keith Joseph via Gluckstein lines. 
Ps Did you know I lived in Bunbury 150km from Perth WA- we have friends  in the area and we are planning to visit OZ 2009[Phil Kirby]

I had an email from someone in Perth who found the cemetery where Adolph and Bertha lay and an email from someone who found their marriage on line.
Adolph Susman married Bertha Jacobs, don’t know if
 any relation.
Seems quite complicated to obtain certificate but I
 might try.  
I have found quite a lot of some of the children of Julius Susman and
 their off spring in the JC and the ‘announcements’ are quite big i.e. the dearer coloum spaces so I am trying to find out what their business was.
I can not find anything in the London Gazette so they
 must have not gone bankrupt etc.[Debbie Bozburt]