Rebecca Isaacs

 Rebecca Isaacs married Henry Jacobs her father was Judah Isaacs dec address 13 Harrow Alley Houndsditch 28.11.1841.

Henry’s address was down as 27 Duke Street Aldgate.

In the census they were both down as102 Petticoat Lane so perhaps they were visiting at the time of census.

According to her death index she was born in 1818, she died ‘quite young’ so maybe she lied about her age like most of the Jewish women did. Rebecca had 2 sisters I know about Rachel who lived with them in 1881 and Sophie who married a Jeweler Daniel Myers who left lots of money to the Isaacs relations. 

So we are back to Rebecca was staying with them pre-wedding and the names were muddled by transcriber, a sister or other relative.

Rebecca was not a normal name for our family in the early days so maybe not another relative, as far as I have studied Philip’s Tree I am not missing any Rebeccas from the 1841 census. 

I have had a quick look at the GS Marriage records and there is no marriage for a Rebecca Jacobs father John or Jacobs.

There is no other marriages between the 1841 and 1851 census that is in the same area or not in the GS Marriages that I have already eliminated. I hope that helps….my preference is was Rebecca Isaacs, but recorded as Rebecca Jacobs. [Debbie Bozkurt]