Jacob Jacobs

 . I have just spent the last 2 hours looking up glasshouse street and trying to find cigarette manufacturers.
I started off with Morris Jacobs, Ezra son, knew he married Sophia Lazarus but up until a couple of hours that’s all I had.
Found he dropped dead 1891, only 1 daughter I thought how boring!
But….then found the daughter had married a Simon/Samuel Berkovitch and were living in Fulham.
Turns out she married a cigarette manufacturer who owned a business 39 Glasshouse street off Regent Street….that sounds interesting I thought!
2 hours later, all I found out was Simon/Samuel Berkovitch changed his name to Samuel Berkley…me hot footing, history of Berkley cigarettes….no I don’t think so, but did get heart racing for a few minutes!!!!
David Jacobs, Ezra’s son from his first marriage disappears, Jane married a Samuel Barnett from Queensland and bug***** back to Sydney with him.
Rebecca died of a long and painful illness, she should try
12 hours researching her! and it goes on![Debbie Bozkurt]