Jewish Family Names[Phil Kirby]

Interesting as we think, David’s father was Jacob which may be why the family changed its name to Jacobs using the most hierarchal living member of their family.
Maybe Jacob was still alive when Henry, Philip John took the name.
In the old bailey records David Jacobs had two other alias, one church and one barnett, its as if he really didn’t think of himself as a Jacobs. [Debbie Bozkurt]

This is very interesting, but why do we think David’s father was Jacob?  Have I missed that?[Carol Freeman]We found a burial entry of David Letson,

ref Ground Date  Family Name Forename Hebrew Name Father Hebrew Address Additional
GSBUR 177/1257 OG 1809 [31 Jan] [JACOBS??]   David  Jacob Litzin  Stoney Lane, Petticoat Lane. ALS: See GSM 025/4 1795 [18 Nov] family connection?

 There was a lot of emails from Peter at the time where he did a lot of look ups on the Mormon web site. I’m getting ready for my last day at work for two weeks, but can look up in a day or so.  [Debbie Bozkurt]

Debs, I guess I’ve never looked at the GS burial site – didn’t know it existed! 
Where is it located on the web? 
This is great and without any evidence to the contrary I think this great! 
The Petticoat Lane address tends to support
the connection with our family.  
I’ll check my record of the GS marriages but have you already identified who 025-4 is?
[Carol Freeman]

Its Jacob Jacobs who became John the Butcher.  
The web site is: [Debbie Bozkurt]

I think that given the Ashkenazi custom of only naming children after the death of a relative we either have our 5x great grandfather David’s death or else it is a child born after David died or else we now know the name of our 6x great grandfather e.g. Jacob or John the butcher- is that right???

Note also the family name LITZIN  as per the Hyamson family tree rather than LETSON.[Phil Kirby]

See info on Jews names in England.[Phil Kirby]


SEE LITZIN entry in WEST PRUSSIA – Catholic but points clue as to Litzin possible origin for family name.[Phil Kirby]

Names of the Jews[Phil Kirby][Phil Kirby]

Note the edict of 1785 for the adoption by Jews of surnames- our David Lietzen was already in England[Phil Kirby]

See Jewish surnames origins[Phil Kirby]