Oct 272014

In June 2014 the whole website (Jacobs Tree and my personal area) has again been hacked (I’m afraid I don’t understand why people would want to do this.)

Many thanks to those people who alerted me to this – unfortunately I don’t look at it every day, or even every week.

Unfortunately my backup wasn’t thorough enough to be able to quickly rebuild.

Therefore I decided to go back to basics.

I purchased a new hosting package with a different company (TSOHOST). This new account features an automatic daily backup which backs up both the site and the databases.

I have also built in security checks so that I get notified more quickly if the site is hacked again.

At the same time I upgraded the version of Joomla that I use for the front end and bought an updated version of TNG, the software used to manage the family tree.

Unfortunately all this has taken time, something which I don’t have a lot of at present.

I don’t believe that I have lost any data from the old system, it’s just taken a long time to re-assemble it.

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Oct 242014


It is a long while since I distributed a newsletter. This is largely because the flow of information dried up.

I didn’t see the point in possibly annoying people by sending out emails when there was not a lot to say.

There is a danger that people will become annoyed with receiving emails when there is either nothing of interest in it, especially if there interests have moved on.

Best wishes to all.



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May 272012

Hi Everyone

My usual apologies for taking so long to do an update but I’ve taken on a few too many tasks and I’m afraid it is the family tree that has had to move down the priority list – as usual.

Anyway, I hope that you are all keeping well

Roy Parker has asked if there is anyone who descends from Henry Jacobs & Elizabeth Twine who has had the male DNA tested. Roy & Gerry Newnham have both had their DNA tested but they descend from Henry and Ellen Silverstone. Roy is looking to get   a genetic connection between the two lines to prove that it is the same Henry.

On the subject of DNA testing, if anyone descending from the Jacobs has had their DNA tested and would like to share their results I will set up  page for showing them.

Added some more of the newspaper cutting submitted by Phil Kirby – still a lot to do I’m afraid

Phil Kirby has also pointed out an entry at the Old Bailey (17/07/1827). The entry is for a Solomon Jacobs who has a peculiar habit of hiding things in his hat.

Solomon is charged, and found guilty of stealing 1 pair of gilt bracelets and 2 pairs of gilt ear-rings,. He was observed putting them in his hat.   Several tradesmen described him as an honest man but with very eccentric habits, one of which was putting things in his hat. The judge said that the punishment would not be severe

Could Solomon be one of ours?

Phil also found Henry (son of John) Jacob’s admission to the Freedom of the City of London in 1856

Alfred Furneau sent in two birth certificates: Adeline Phillipa Jacobs and Sarah Jacobs, both daughters of Henry Jacobs and Ellen Silverstone.

Also an annotated photo of North Quadrant in Brighton showing where the Jacobs lived.

Alfred has also noted that The Registrar at Brighton for the births of Henry and Ellen’s children, Sarah in 1859, Adeline in 1867 and possibly for the other Brighton children, was a George Smith. The Registrar at Finchley for the death of Henry Jacobs in 1911 was a George Smith.

The signatures are only slightly different!

Added Alfred to BigTree image on the website

Mark Simmons contacted me with some more information about Maurice Henry Jacobs. It appears that Maurice changed the family surname to Henry around 1920. Mark has also given some more information about Monty Solomons, son of Alfred and Celia Solomons.

Gerry Newnham has written an article which has been published in Shemot (March 2012). To avoid copyright problems Gerry has re-edited it for publication here. http://www.quarlton.co.uk/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=199:silverstoneharris&catid=47:people&Itemid=110

Gerry also has a Blog at http://jacobsoflondon.blogspot.co.uk/

Gerry has come across a trade advert for the Phoenix Glass Works:-

Same address as Moses Jacob’s glass works. Caption says “Lewis Jacobs Phoenix Glass Works Active in London 1830-1870“. Is this the son of Philip Jacobs? Did he take over the glass works after the fire and rebuild it?

The trade card can be see at http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/photo/2745366590102177954KpDdUR I’ve also added it to the photo gallery.

Jenny & Katrina Cowen have been in touch to report on the Solomon reunion in Australia. The turnout, which included our own Rabbi Roderick Young was 200 strong and was featured on several  TV news broadcasts.

[The Solomon connection is through Henry Jacobs (1816-1888) wife, Julia Isaacs]

The reunion went off without a hitch and cousin Roderick was just the icing on the cake.  We had T.V., radio, newspaper and magazine coverage!!!  Since all this exposure we have had yet more contact from family and it seems that the Keesing branch of the family, who reside in California, may visit next year. SO we may have another get together.

The Solomon family reunion made an unintentional profit. Therefore a donation of $500.00 has been sent to the National Library of Australia. Cathy Pilgrim (Director of Trove) has acknowledged our gift :-

“  We certainly appreciate the financial contribution from the Solomon Family reunion which we will put towards digitisation of the South Australian Chronicle. We are currently having the South            Australian Chronicle microfilm scanned and it is scheduled to be OCR’ed to support full text searching and delivered via Trove in the first quarter of the new financial year (i.e. all going according to             schedule between July and September 2012).

The acknowledgement text to read – Digitisation generously supported by the Solomon Family Reunion. ….the acknowledgement to be applied to the issues that make up the first 250 pages of the            newspaper published i.e from the South Australian Weekly Chronicle first published on 17 July 1858.”

A further $500.00 has been donated to the Sisters of St Joseph’s in memory and in continuation of the bond forged between Saint Mary MacKillop and Emanuel Solomon. The funds will be used by the Sisters in their charitable works. Neville Wight, Katrina and I attended morning tea at the Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre and presented the cheque to the Sisters. Also present were the Principal of Mount St.Joseph Girls’ College, Cath Dillon and two of the year eight students, one representing Solomon house. Yes, the house is named in honour of Emanuel Solomon! Solomon house’s motto is “All equal in God’s eyes”.

The remainder of the money from the reunion is still in the bank and it is envisaged that this sum can be used for the deposit on a venue for the 200th anniversary reunion of our family in 2018


Corrected photo gallery – some photos were missing captions


Added ‘nuCaptach’ to the database ‘Suggest’ and ‘Contact Us’ pages to stop me getting spam messages from bots

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Sep 042011



Apologies for not having done anything for a couple of months but I’ve been busy with other task.



Updated Joomla to v1.7 on 03/04 September

This resulted in the family tree database being offline overnight (UK time) for 12 hours

Updated the document images in the family tree database on 04 September – images offline for 2 hours

John Pesman

Added the remainder of his will (it was missing) thanks to Eileen Bird

Hannah Jacobs

Added links down from Hannah via Harriet to Stephen Bonn


Thanks to Geoffrey Cole for extending the tree downwards from Frederick Stafford Fairclough and Ellen Dorothy Jacobs

Isaac Simons, brother of Lewis Simons who married Jane Jacobs

I received an email from Kimberly Thomas who is the great, great granddaughter of Isaac Simons(Symons)

Hannah Jacobs

Found her death in 1912 and the will index which lists her son in law, Alfred Barker as executor.

Newspaper Cuttings

Phil Kirby has been busy scanning through the newspapers looking for relevant cuttings and has found 28 so far.

Those that have been added to date are:

Lewis Pesman – Details of how he died. [1852]

Edward Lawrence Levy – we learn that he has a brother, William and an uncle, Henry Levy

Augustus Levy is in trouble for theft. Has been using surnames: Lawrence, Micklethwaite and Fisher

Henry Jacobs – accused by two nephews of painting his shop sign to misrepresent himself as his brother David.

[He has opened a shop at 68 High Holborn and painted the sign “Brother to the late David Jacobs” but the words ‘Brother to’ were so small that passers by would not notice them.]

Moses Jacobs – appears as a solicitor

More will be added as soon as I have some spare time.

Discounted Bill

The Jacobs and Levys are often involved in ‘discounted bills’.

A brief explanation is:

Mr Black has a Bill of Exchange for £100 from Mr White, dated 3 months in the future.

i.e. Mr White owes Mr Black £100 and must pay him in 3 months time.

However, Mr Black needs some money now.

So he sells the Bill of Exchange, at a discount, to Mr Jacobs

i.e. Mr Jacobs gives Mr Black £80 now in return for the Bill of Exchange

Mr White must now pay Mr Jacobs £100 in 3 months time.

On larger Bills of Exchange Mr Black may get his money in stages.

To put this in perspective there is a case involving Edward Lawrence Levy where he regularly charges 60% for discounting a bill (we don’t know over what period).

Also, it is Mr Jacobs who is now responsible for getting the money from Mr White


Moses Jacobs features in a number of cases where he appears to be a legal clerk or solicitor.

I feel that we ought to review the legal system of the times.

Until the later part of the 19th century most prosecutions were ‘private prosecutions’ in that it was up to the victim to bring the supposed culprit to court, not the police.

Remember that England didn’t have a police force until 1829 and that was only for London.

So, when two people had a case to argue they would either prosecute it themselves or employ someone else to do it for them. Some of the people employed to prosecute the case had little or no legal training, like Moses.

It was also a time of ‘ambulance chasers’ – Lawyers (using the word very loosely) would try and persuade someone to prosecute another and offer their services. If they could persuade the plaintiff to pay a retainer then they could prosecute on their behalf and charge a fee for doing so. There is at least one case where the plaintiff denies retaining Moses and so doesn’t want to pay the bill!

Julius Sussmann

There is a possibility that Julius’ parents were Adolph and Bertha and that Bertha’s mother in law was Buna Ahrens

Phil found this on Ancestry in the 1867 census for Mecklenburg-Schwerin

The following link should take you to the page if you have Ancestry World Wide (I’m afraid I don’t)


If anyone does go there could you let me have a copy of the scan please?

Moss Benjamin

Gerry Newnham found the following entry in Berger:


Death 1.9.1878 at 11 St George’s Circus, NATHANIEL, beloved son of MOSS & HANNAH BENJAMIN, age 1 year & 10 months

Now this implies that Moss had a child that we didn’t know about.

I can be reasonably certain that it is the right family because the address fits perfectly with their address in 1881.

However, this child, Nathaniel, would have been born in 1876 whereas Moss didn’t marry Hannah until 1878. So was married before? Or did they have a child before they married?

Moss Benjamin is also known as David Moss Benjamin

Any suggestions would be welcome.

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Jul 032011

Hi Everyone

I hope that you are keeping well, quite a few updates this time:–


Added birth cert for Emanuel Noah DaCosta – courtesy Eileen Bird

Death Certificate for John Pesman

Thanks to Eileen Bird for 5 wills for the Pesman family

Lots of information, certificates and censuses added to Lewis Pesman and family

Jacobs – 1695 Census

Eileen Bird pointed me to this census, which I wasn’t aware of.

There is an entry for several Jacobs:-

Jacobs, :

David; Rose, w; Eve, d; Sar, d; Jud, d; Moredecai, s; Frummutt, d, St James, Duke’s Place (page 8)

Edith, ser, St Katharine Cree (page 22)

Eliz, wid; Rob, s; Anna, w, St Michael, Bassishaw (page 14)

Jas, bach, £600, St Dionis Backchurch (page 13)

John, app, St Margaret, Lothbury (page 30)

Jos; Cyrilia, w; Jac, s; Nat, s, St James, Duke’s Place (page 6)

Jos; Frummutt, w; Jonathan, s; Isaack, s; Binah, d, St James, Duke’s Place (page 9)

Simon, ser, St Edmund, Lombard Street (page 4)

Wm, bach, St Lawrence Jewry (page 14)

(Nothing like Letson and its variations)


Link to article: http://www.quarlton.org.uk/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=195:1695-census-of-london&catid=37:miscellaneous

Samuel Jacobs

Phil and Gerry have done some work on this, as yet, unconnected Jacobs.

The work, which includes his will, is published so that it can be found by searchers.

Link to article: http://www.quarlton.org.uk/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=196:samuel-jacobs&catid=37:miscellaneous


Thanks to Phil and Gerry for Simon Levy’s will which has been attached to his record.

Also to Gerry for finding another copy with Admon attached.

In the will there is reference to 3 sons-in-law.

One of them, Moses Jacobs, married Simon’s daughter Sarah.

The other two, Mark Emanuel and Abraham Kisch obviously married two other daughters whose names we don’t know as yet.

We also have the will of Rebekah Levy but as yet we have nothing to connect her with ‘our’ Levys.

I have attached the will and some notes to the Joomla part of the website so that if anyone searches, it will be there.

Link to article: http://www.quarlton.org.uk/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=193:rebekah-levy&catid=37:miscellaneous

Susman / Jacobs

Thanks to Phil for finding Jane’s death and will index, she left £1,516 to her husband, Julius.

Julius lived on in the same house until 1937 when he left £19, 747 to his son Henry and daughter Sophie.

Phil has also found an entry at TNA for Julius Susman being Naturalised in 1903


Updated some census entries for the family

Isaiah Lazarus (married Esther Capua, daughter of Jane Jacobs) was for many years associated with the West London Synagogue. Synagogue Keeper (1881), Superintendant of Synagogue (1891), Beadle at Synagogue (1901)


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Jun 052011


Sorry about the delay in this issue but I had to nip over to Italy for a week’s holiday – my wife insisted and who am I to argue 😉



I’d just like to say thank you to the people who kindly sent their feedback to me – it is most useful.

Thanks must also got to those of you who continue to supply much of the raw data that I use for the website.



Pesman / Pesman-Capua

Eileen Bird has recently given me some more information on the Pesman family (Lewis Pesman married Jane Jacobs)

Including a marriage entry from the synagogue and a will. Eileen also pointed me to three entrie s in the Old Bailey relating to the family ( 2 for John and 1 for Lewis)

Lewis Pesman also earned himself a bankruptcy mention in the London Gazette.

Based on this extra information I have been able to update their records.

There is an attorney’s clerk called Henry Jacobs who gets a mention in John’s 1829 trial – our Henry? The 1829 trial also gives us John’s age so giving us a date of birth.

In 1828 Lewis Pesman is at the Old Bailey as the victim of theft. He mentions that he is married with 1 child. The first child that we know about so far is Mark (a.k.a. Mordecai) born about 1831 so is there another child before Mark?


There is an entry for Lewis Pesman Capua’s burial on CemeteryScribes [http://www.cemeteryscribes.com/getperson.php?personID=I8841&tree=Cemeteries] which gives his date of birth ([28] June 1811) and age at death (6[2]) The age contradicts that on the death certificate (66) but is more in keeping with his birth which we have from the 1841 & 1851 censuses as well as his tombstone.


Added census entries for Emanuel & Catherine Pesman


Amelia Pesman / Emma Pesman / Emma Lyons

In the 1851 census Emanuel Pesman is married to Catherine Lyons and they have a niece with them called Emma Lyons with them. Emma is still with them in 1861 but is now using the name Emma Pesman. She further changes her name to Amelia Emma Pesman by the time she marries Benjamin Noah Da Costa in 1866. They in turn drop the Da Costa!


Whilst in New Zealand they have a son called Samuel who then becomes Benjamin, then Emanuel and finally a complete change to Godfrey A Yates!


Eileen has kindly supplied both marriage certificates for Amelia and the Hebrew one for her marriage to Benjamin.





Nancy Jacobs (nee Cohen)

Thanks to Phil for finding her correct death in the Australian papers – I’ve corrected my entry.

However we now need to find out who Mrs S Barnett (a daughter) of 340 Pitt Street, Sydney was.



Katrina and Jenny have supplied a number of death certificates – thanks.

Also added photograph of Miriam and her daughters.



Jenny recently found two death notices in the Australian press.

“ISAACS – On the 14th? January, at London, S.B. Isaacs, of Tobago, West Indies, aged 61: and on the 3rd February, at London, R.B. Isaacs, aged 71, brother and sister of Mrs A.J.Solomon of this city”


Now we know that Mrs A H Solomon is Julia Solomon, nee Isaacs, so this must refer to her brother Solomon and sister Rachel but where has the Baber/Beber come from.


From the BMD indexes and the census we couldn’t find an answer, so the question was are they the right family?

Thankfully Jenny got both death certificates and the one for Rachel Beber Isaacs gives her address as 34 Duke Street and the informant as her nephew, Solomon Jacobs. This confirms the connection. At this point it is not possible to confirm Solomon Baber Isaacs but I have added his death certificate as a probable.


Added some photographs to the photo album courtesy of Jenny & Katrina



Sarah Isaacs, wife of Judah

Thanks to both Roderick and Jenny for copies of her death certificate




I’ve added a set of time zone clocks to the home page. If your time zone isn’t represented and you would like it there, then please let me know.


The photo album has also changed to allow for easier maintenance.


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Apr 252011

Hi Everyone

Quite a large update this time.


Could I ask people to let me have some feedback regarding the site please.

Working in isolation means that I only do what seems right to me without knowing how it impacts on other users.

The database/tree

– Does the software do what you want?,

– Is there a different one you would like me to use?

Home page

Are there things you don’t like about it?

Would you like things presented in a different way?

Is there any material you would like that isn’t there?

Lewis & Milcah Jacobs + The Levy Family

Phil Kirby has found Lewis and family in the 1841 census which allows us to add 3 extra children: Marian, David & Joseph.

Phil also asks the question about Milcah in the 1861 census.

We have Milcah as ‘Mother’, a widow, immediately followed by R Cohen, Head, Married

Then we have Leah Jacobs, sister

And then Angle Cohen, daughter.

Further investigation by Phil and myself appears to have resolved the issue.

The 1861 entries have R Cohen and Angel Cohen the wrong way round for gender.

R Cohen is Rachel Jacobs.

She married Alexander Cohen in 1845 and their SON, Angel, was born in 1846.

In 1841 we found what appeared to be 2 more children for Milcah, living with an Eliza Levy.

Phil then went on to find Elizabeth Levy’s will which proved that she was Milcah’s mother.

The will and a transcript can be found by selecting ‘Wills’, from ‘Jacobs Database’ on the main page. It is a very informative will, well worth reading as an example of how codicils can reflect changes in family dynamics.

Phil and I have put together an article outlining what we have found. It is on the website under Articles, People

Still on the Levy’s there is some confusion regarding who David Levy married.

Using the entries in Berger leads us to believe that his wife was the sister of Moss Davids, and at least two trees on Ancestry go along with this theory. I had already entered her into the database as Catherine Davids until Phil found a mention of her on Synagogue Scribes which attributes her to be the sister of Isaac Levy. “sister Catherine wife of David Levy of Hemmings Row, tailor and habit maker.” I bought the will and it refers to her numerous times.

A possible cause of the confusion is: In older wills, ‘in laws’ are commonly referred to as just brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, etc. without the ‘in law’ suffix. Pasted from <http://www.ancestor-search.info/src-wills.htm>

I believe that this is the most likely explanation but it does make me wonder why that sister in law, and why didn’t he mention any of his own children?

At present I have left her entry as Davids but with Levy as an alternative name until the situation can be clarified.

Crushed Iron Bedstead

Phil spotted an interesting reference to Samuel Levy Hemmings Row- The United Service Magazine 1841 had an account of officer life in India and there was reference to an iron bed which had been destroyed in an earthquake…. “ crushing an iron bedstead, which of course, had never been warranted by Mr Samuel Levy of Hemmings Row..”

In the 1841 London Trade Directory I saw Samuel Levy naval and military outfitter, portable and camp furniture manufactory 28 King William Street Strand. I suspect that this is an off shoot of his Hemmings Row business.

There maybe another interesting connection because in 1851 census Moses Aaron  son of Aaron Aarons clothier and Catherine Crawcour is a bedstead maker. Given the family links between the Levy/Crawcour/Jacobs there maybe this additional link.


Phil reminds us that we may have unknown Litzen/Jacobs- the 2008 notes and Synagogue Scribes show entries for 2 burials where the father is Israel Litzin ( 1799-1800; 1803). Note also that there are 3 entries where the surname is spelt the same – Koppel b David Litzin 1799-1800; Jacob Litzin 1809.

David Jacobs [Son of Ralph]

We already had him in the 1841 and 1851 census and knew of his marriage to Emily Cottrell but whilst looking for David, son of Lewis & Milcah, Phil & I came across David and Emily in 1881 and 1901.

In both cases he is a Glass Dealer and has a Nellie Greenland with him. In 1901 she is a Visitor but in 1881 she is his granddaughter.

Further research revealed that David & Emily had a daughter called Emily who married William Frederick Greenland.

I now have David in all censuses from 1841 – 1911 inclusive. In the 1861 he is indexed as Laura Jacks on the Ancestry site but correctly on the FindMyPast site. Useful to have two sites to look at.

David and Emily’s second daughter, Eliza, is described as an ‘Imbecile’ in 1891 and 1901

Julia Isaacs – Abraham Solomon

At the beginning of February I published a request from Jenny & Katrina Cowen requesting information about Julia Isaacs.

Thanks to the excellent response it has been possible to confirm the connection.

Julia Isaacs was the sister of Rebecca Isaacs who married Henry Jacobs [Z 085].

I have added all the new information, about 70 people.

Because it is such a big addition I have created a temporary site showing just these new people:-


Whilst this strays somewhat from my intention to keep as close to the Jacobs as possible, I felt that Jenny & Katrina’s work justified being added.

Hopefully with help from Jenny & Katrina I will be putting together an article to explain the Isaacs/Solomon family tree in the not too distant future.

The story is a fascinating tale of a convict (Emanuel Solomon) made good.

Also from Jenny & Katrina

Samuel Solomon was Emanuel (of convict fame’s) first born son. Emanuel sent his son to London to be educated but obviously the poor soul die there. Emanuel must have been devastated ( as he really was a very good father) and I feel for poor Samuel, 15 years old sick with typhoid for 3 weeks before he died, no parents with him. Emanuel could not have gone to England as he only had a Ticket of Leave and Celia, Samuel’s mother had died in 1852.

Jenny asks..

“Do any of you know what cemetery the lad would have been interred in, and how would I find out if there is a head stone?”

Visit to Brighton Records Centre

Last October I visited the Brighton Records Centre looking for information on the Jacobs.

I didn’t find a great deal, mainly directory and electors register entries.

I have created an article on the website with the details.

It includes an outline map of where they lived and a modern day photograph

Brighton Marriages

In February I visited the West Sussex Record Office in Lewes to look at their extracts of marriages from the Middle Lane Synagogue in Brighton. I didn’t expect to find any of ‘our’ Jacobs as the dates weren’t right but I thought it might be sensible to note anything where Jacobs was involved.

As expected, nothing of any interest was found although it did highlight the vagaries of where events are recorded as there was at least one marriage that took place in London but was recorded in Brighton.

Of passing interest is that there was a Matilda Silverstone in 1892. This caught my attention because Ellen Jacobs nee Silverstone was in Brighton in the 1860’s and it is not a common name (1891 census lists only 181)

The short list can be found in Sources, Sources on this site from the home page.

Lawrence Jacobs [Z 031] son of Lawrence & Catherine Jones

Phil Kirby has found a passenger list entry in 1865 between Melbourne and Hokitika

“Laurence Jacobs age 3 and Mrs Jacobs 30 who left Victoria on the Gothenburg for Hokitika NZ Nov 1865”

I can’t find the exact same entry but two others confirm it, albeit without ages..



At that time there was a gold rush around Hokitika so a good number of people were travelling there.

If we accept that this is our Laurence and his mother then who is looking after the baby?

Lawrence & Catherine had a son, David, on February 1865, I would have expected him to be with his mother.

Another possible option is Laurence Jnr’s mother – She was Catherine Jones.

When Lawrence Snr married Catherine O’Regen in 1865 he is described as being a bachelor.

Has he in fact actually just left Catherine and is it she who is travelling with her son?


I have now added these newsletters to the website. They can be found on the home page Main Menu under Newsletters.


Upgraded Joomla to v1.5.23

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Apr 252011

Hi Everyone


A reasonable amount of information to report this time, and I still have 30+ emails to deal with which I am hoping to make inroads into whilst on holiday for a week starting next Friday – nowhere exciting, unless you think Ledbury falls into that category J




Mooney family

Christine Gavin nee Mooney contacted me to add some extra details to the family.

(Claude Percy Mooney married Thelma Stoddard, the daughter of Caroline Amelia Jacobs)

Henry Jacobs [Z005]

Phil Kirby has found an entry regarding Henry Jacobs (s/o David) in a publication called “The Bankers’ Magazine”.

This publication was aimed at providing information to bankers and included a section on court cases, the outcome of which, may be of relevance to the banking community.

The case, Jacobs v Tarleton, revolved around Bills of Exchange that Henry was trying to claim from Rev’d Tarleton.

In the transcript we learn that Henry is aged 75 (this is 1847) and that he can’t write. This evidence comes from his son Moses. Henry is listed as living in Kent Road at the time.

The full transcript is attached to Henry’s entry in the database.

Samuel Jacobs – Convict

From ‘The Examiner’ and Australian newspaper:-

” Following the publication in November of The Examiner’s historical supplement Convicts of Van Diemen’s Land, readers were invited to submit their stories on their convict descendants. JUNE KEATING, of New Zealand, provided her family’s research into ancestor Samuel Jacobs.”

June has kindly sent me a copy of the printed article and I have contacted the newspaper for permission to reprint the article on the website but I don’t think it likely.

However, thanks to June and Tom’s effort, the information is already on Samuel’s record in the database.

Solomon Jacobs / Alfred Edwards

Just a quick note that in the 1911 census he is Alfred Edwards and his wife, Mary Helena, is down as Edith Edwards.

Edward Lawrence Levy/Lewis

Edward and family changed their name to Lewis

They appear to use both surnames as and when it suited them.

In the 1891 census [RG 12/0173 F88 P44] has Edward and Charlotte as Lewis.

Probate Index

Thanks to Phil Kirby we have added the probate index entries for Charlotte Lewis nee Levy and her husband Edward Levy

John Jacobs – Catherine Newman

Catherine was originally known to us through Lynda Kelly as Catherine Newman.

However Gerry Newnham found their marriage certificate in the name Cooper.

Some research found that her family were Cooper in the 1891 census and Newman in the 1901 census hence the confusion.

It looks as though after 1901 the name was Newman which was obviously passed down through the family resulting Lynda knowing them as Newman.

Sarah Levy (wife of Moses Jacobs) – parents

Thanks to some investigations by Gerry Newnham it looks as though we may well have found her parents.

This decision is based on the following work by Gerry:

1. In the 1851 Census Sarah says she was born in the parish of St Martins in the Fields.

2. Sarah’s marriage record gives her patronymic as “Sara bat Simha Segal” (Harold Lewin’s transcript).

3. Simha equates to Simon.

4. Searching the Rate Books in the Westminster Archives for the period from

1793 to 1813 (I have still to check later records) shows only one Simon Levy in St Martin’s parish and he is living in Russell Court, off Drury Lane.

5. Simon’s wife, Hannah, appears in an Old Bailey trial as a witness in 1801. The entry in the trial record reads: “HANNAH LEVY sworn. – I am the wife of Simon Levy , who keeps a house and shop in Russel court…” (sic)

6. It seems Simon LEVY was a reasonably prosperous trader and was insured with the Sun Insurance Co – details awaited.

7. The inscription on Simon LEVY’s grave is:

“In memory of/Mr Simon Levy/Late of Charles St Soho Square/Obit Jany 30th AM 5587/In the sixty seventh year/Of his life” (died 30 Jan 1827)

8. In 1825 Moses JACOBS had a shop in Charles Street (now called Soho Street).

Hannah died in 1843 and I have just obtained a copy of her Death Certificate.

Also connected to this, Roderick Young visited the Brompton cemetery and looked at the headstones and reported as follows:

Sarah Jacobs.  Hebrew very hard to read but this is definitely the same Sarah of the death certificate that you sent me.  I could read that she died in the Hebrew month of Adar in the year 5616.  In the certificate Sarah died seventh March 1856 – this corresponds to 10 Adar 2 [this just means it was a leap year in which the month of Adar appears twice] 5616.  Her Hebrew age is given as 64 and I note Sarah on the certificate was 64.  So this MUST be the same woman.  Also Martin and I think that the English says: beloved wife of Moses Jacobs, which means he was still alive.  That’s all I could get from the Hebrew.

Simon Levy.  Hebrew seems to say he died in the month of Shevat [January] 1827 – I think his Hebrew name is Simcha [note this is both a masculine and feminine name] bar Shmuel [Samuel]


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Apr 252011

Hi Everyone

Just a very quick update.

Julia Isaacs

Thanks for the feedback on Julia Isaacs in the previous update – this is being discussed by several people and I will report back once a consensus has been reached.

Henry Jacobs [Z005]

Gerry Newnham has sent in a photograph of his tombstone in West Ham cemetery along with a partial transcript of the English dedication.

If anyone wants to have a look at the Hebrew part of it the please let me know.

You can see the image by going to Henry’s page in the database and scrolling to the bottom the page and selecting Source 13


US 1910 Federal Census

Ancestry has had free access to the US Federal 1910 census for a couple of days so I grabbed a couple of entries simply because I could J

Censuses added for the following and their families:-

James Clark & Bridget Vaughn

Herman & Alice Levy

George Yatteau

Charles Garfiel [Recorded as Garfield]

Augusta [Lindner]

Manfred Lindner

Moses Jacobs [Z434] & Julia nee Wolly/Wooley

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Apr 252011


I hope that everyone is keeping well – especially those of you in Australia with all the weather you’ve been having. Unfortunately I don’t know what areas everyone down there is in.

It’s been 6 weeks since I sent the last update so there’s a reasonable amount to tell you.


Carol Ann Swaebe Stephen has been in touch regarding her Great Great Grandfather, David Swaebe. Thanks to Carol we have been able to add some extra details to the Swaebe part of the tree including some half-siblings for Daniel Ben Moya Swaebe.

You can see Carol’s tree on Ancestry – Stephen Tree (Easiest way is to search for David Swaebe)

Roy Parker

I forgot to credit Roy Parker for his work with Gerry on Adeline Jacobs, Roy’s name has now been added to the article credit.

Phillis Jacobs

Roderick has recently sent me a copy of Phillis Jacobs’ death certificate. Her death was registered by Nathan Barnett not her husband Jacob (John) and more interestingly her husband is listed as being Angel Jacobs – another little mystery.

Susie Freeman

Carol Freeman’s daughter, Susie, recently got married. Her husband and his parents have been added to the tree.


I was recently contacted by two ladies, Katrina & Jenny, regarding Julia Isaacs.

Julia is the sister of Rebecca Isaacs who married Henry Jacobs [Z085] in 1841.

I’ll repeat their message here. Unfortunately I can’t find matches for their statement that Julia married Abraham Solomons in 1848.

It is possible that the Judah and Sarah Isaacs you have on your tree are our great-great-grandparents!

We are looking for “a” Judah and Sarah Isaacs we had a daughter (Julia) in London in 1828. Julia married Abraham Jacob Solomon at the Great Synagogue London in 1848. The couple immigrated to Adelaide, South Australia, Australia in 1849. From that date on I have details but prior to this date we only know that Julia resided in Harrow Alley. Your tree fits with the 1841 Census which shows Sarah(48) Henry (29) Rachael (24) Rebecca (22) [all as foreign] and then Sophia (18) Solomon (17) Julia (13) and Judah (9) all English born. “

“Abraham Jacob Solomon was the grandson of the ‘world renowned matzah baker’ of London of the same name. On 4 July 1849 the 23-year-old Abraham Jacob Solomon of Cutler Street, Aldgate, married Julia Isaacs of Harrow Alley, Aldgate, in the New Synagogue in London. Chief Rabbi Adler officiated. They arrived, travelling steerage, in Adelaide (Australia) on the barque Constant on 23 December 1849…..A.J.Solomon and his wife Julia had fourteen children, five of  whom died as young children…Abraham died on 10 January 1889 and was buried in Adelaide’s West Terrace Jewish Cemetery. Julia Solomon (nee Isaacs) died on 30 December 1895. Their nine surviving children were: Miriam (my great-grandmother born 30 October 1850), Judah Abraham (1852), Sarah (1855), Rachel (1858),Henry (1861), Rebecca (1863), Sophia (1865), Leah (1866), and Julia Blanche (1870)….Miriam married Joseph Samuel Solomon” – These Are the Names – Jewish Lives in Australia 1788-1850 by John S Levi.

So, if your Judah and Sarah Isaacs are the parents of my Julia, they would be my great-great-grandparents. Naturally I would love to know more about them, if this is the case, and of course the rest of my extended family. Abraham Jacob Solomon is quite famous in Adelaide but is eclipsed by Joseph Samuel Solomon’s family ( father Emanuel Solomon is one of Australia’s most famous convicts, philanthropists, patron of the arts, landowner etc.).

If anyone has any information, please let me know.


Abraham Jacobs married Mary Ann Jane Yoxall  – as my wife has Yoxall connections I been trying to make a connection – especially as there were only about 300 Yoxalls in the 1851 census. As a result there are a number of extra Yoxalls in the tree.  Unfortunately I haven’t made a connection to my wife as yet.

Clara Jacobs (d/o Henry Jacobs & Elizabeth Twine)

I’ve recently been contacted by Clara’s granddaughter, Brenda Poulson who has helped flesh out that line of the tree.

” My mother told me when I was a child that her grandfather was called Henry Jacobs and he had an antique shop (could have been glass & china?)in Brighton, he threw his family out and then later ending up dying in Colney Hatch Asylum, through drink. which later became Friern Barnet Hospital”

Clara married  William John Purssey and as a result I’ve added quite a lot of Pursseys to the tree.

Big Tree

Added Tracy Turner Peacock to Big Tree image

Added Brenda Poulson to Big Tree image

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